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The gift of Christmas

This Christmas why not make a difference to the orphans in Malawi? What better gift is there than giving to those who have nothing and making their Christmas really special?

The Gift of Hygiene: £5 will buy a box of soap for 24 children.
The Gift of Food : £10 buys a bag of 50kg of maize.
The Gift of Warmth: £12 will buy a blanket each for a child and their carer.
The Gift of Art: £30 will provide art materials for the children at a centre for one month.
The Gift of Reading: £50 will buy English books for the library at a centre.
The Gift of Creation: £60 will buy one sewing machine for a centre.
The Gift of a Trainer: £100 will pay for a centre to have a trainer (sewing teacher, carpentry teacher etc.) for a year.
The Gift of Health: £100 will pay for a nurse for a month to ensure the children get basic medical care.
The Gift of Education: £100 will pay for school fees for a child for one year at a technical school.

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