Core Individuals

Colin Webb (Decd 28 July 2019)

Colin Webb
Colin Webb


A totally committed European.

Has extensive lobbying experience in the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Co-founder of HINTS newsletter. He was a Director of the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS (UKC) till 2001.

1989 retired as Colonel

1979-1989 Military Advisor Commonwealth of Nations

1964 Military Cross

1963 commissioned Parachute Regiment

1960 enlisted with the British Army

Dr Ruth Webb BVetMed MRCVS

Ruth Webb
Ruth Webb


A qualified veterinary surgeon, she has practised both in the UK and in Africa.

Was Chairman until August 2002 of the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS (UKC). She is a member of various organisations including the Board of Positive Nation, the International Community of Women Living with HIV & AIDS, the British HIV Association (BHIVA) - resigned from the Executive Committee February 2003, and the Royal College of General Practitioners' Working Party on HIV. She also works with Positively UK and the European Forum on HIV and Children and is the Co-founder of HINTS newsletter.

Josephine Kyomuhendo

Josephine Kyomuhendo
Josephine Kyomuhendo


Joined the Board as a Trustee in January 2007.

A qualified fashion designer and owner & founder of the ‘Jose Original’ brand, which promotes the use of organic, treated raw and recycled materials in support of ethical trading and fair working conditions. She aims at raising awareness about ethical and environmental issues and in encouraging sustainable lifestyles.

She has always been concerned about environmental issues and in particular how they affect the fashion industry. As a result she developed a great interest in supporting charity work. She sees joining ECPP as a trustee as a great opportunity to get directly involved with a charity whose work she is passionate about. In doing so, she hopes to combine her love of design with her wish to make a difference in the lives of people.

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The Patient can be as knowledgeable as the expert, but is uniquely placed to have a holistic view of their condition

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