Core activities

Patient Pharmaceutical Industry Think Tank

We are a member of “The Patient/Industry Think Tank”, which is hosted by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries Associations.

Co-Chair of the subcommittee of “Access to Medicine in the Developing World”.

Members of the subcommittee on "Sources of Patient Information in the EU".

Member of the European Parliament Biotechnology Working Group.

European Public Health Forum

On 16 May 2000, the European Commission adopted a Communication on "the health strategy for the European Union" and a proposal for an EU action program in the field of public health .

This health strategy, and the public health action programme as its core instrument, will bring about a substantial reform of European health policy. Not only does the action programme provide for a more horizontal approach to improving the health of EU citizens, but it also, for the first time, explicitly commits to consultation with a wide range of stakeholders in the health community. We produced our own position paper on the subject and submitted it to the Commission.

Stem Cell Research

As patients, we believe that this research should take place using the best possible cells with the highest possible level of stability and safety: human embryonic stem cells.

We submitted to the Commission our own position paper on the issue, recommending the extensive expert work of the British House of Lords, and their report. You can see a copy here on our web site.

Information to Patients

We believe that ALL patients, no matter their condition, background or nationality, have a fundamental and legitimate human right of access to all kinds of information about their health, medical conditions and the availability of treatments including knowledge of the best available management for their disease. It is a question of solidarity, equity and patients’ rights.

From our perspective EU patients/citizens need factually accurate, reliable, easily understandable information to be able to make informed decisions. They need to understand their condition and do want to receive information on treatments available. A copy of our position paper is available on our web site.

European Patients Forum

ECPP is a member of the European Patients Forum (EPF), a pan-European patient body addressing and to be consulted on issues concerning the interests of patients in the European healthcare debate.

Access to medicines

We are involved in the Access to Medicines debate. We are working in three main areas: the Member states (on regulatory systems), Applicant States to the EU, and Central and Southern Africa. Some key activities have included;

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The Patient can be as knowledgeable as the expert, but is uniquely placed to have a holistic view of their condition

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