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Are you a UK taxpayer? Make your donation to ECPP, or go even further by giving through Gift Aid. ECPP can benefit from Tax Relief by claiming back from the Inland Revenue the basic rate of 28p tax for every £1.00 you give us. Any donation you make, whether by cheque, credit card, standing order or direct debit, is automatically worth 28% more to us if you have a Gift Aid Declaration.

During the tax year you must have paid tax at least equal to the amount of tax we reclaim on your donation (currently 28p for every £1.00 you give us). This includes tax under PAYE, tax deducted from bank interest and capital gains. If you are a higher rate tax-payer, you can reclaim the difference between the basic and the higher rate of tax.

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We would be very grateful if you would consider completing and returning the Gift Aid Declaration Form.

ECPP runs projects in different countries.

Within the projects various activities are undertaken which you can choose to sponsor.

You can make donations to ECPP in general without specifying any project and ECPP will direct the funds to the areas most needed or you can choose to donate money towards either a project or an activity. You choose whichever is more important to you. No matter how small the donation, remenber that you will be making a difference to the lives of people with or affected by HIV & AIDS.

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We are a member of “The Patient/Industry Think Tank”, which is hosted by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries Associations.
Co-Chair of the subcommittee of “Access to Medicine in the Developing World”.
Members of the subcommittee on "Sources of Patient Information in the EU".
Member of the European Parliament Biotechnology Working Group.

As patients, we believe that this research should take place using the best possible cells with the highest possible level of stability and safety: human embryonic stem cells.

We believe that ALL patients, no matter their condition, background or nationality, have a fundamental and legitimate human right of access to all kinds of information about their health, medical conditions and the availability of treatments including knowledge of the best available management for their disease. It is a question of solidarity, equity and patients’ rights.

We are involved in the Access to Medicines debate. We are working in three main areas: the Member states (on regulatory systems), Applicant States to the EU, and Central & Southern Africa.

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In Malawi we have worked hard alongside other organisations, staff and volunteers from around the world to build a number of centres.
Chambe Rock Children’s Oasis – this is based within the project of the Women’s Voice Chambe Zone. The centre looks after 400 orphans. The aim of the Oasis is to provide opportunities for the many pr[hans located in the traditional authority of Nkanda.
The project is very successful and we would like you to help us to continue to share their success.
Chiuta Children’s Oasis – ECPP has provided building assistance to the Faith Outreach Ministries Foundation. The centre was built to comprise workshops, a hall and administration rooms.
The centre provides training of technical and traditional skills to children from the age of 5-19 building up their confidence and giving them the tools to become self-reliant.
St Theresa Nursery - Chisitu Catholic Parish established an organisation ten years ago where priests would visit people in their own areas. The nursery supports 83 infants.

Centres provide feeding and skills training, e.g. tailoring, carpentry and arts & crafts. These are necessary to ensure the health and well-being of the orphans cared for.

You are given the chance to contribute to specific activities.

Education - £7.00 will buy a scientific calculator for a child.
Education - £10.00 will buy a mathematical set for a child.
Blankets - £10 will provide 2 children with blankets.
Piggery - £10 feeds a pig with its piglets for a week on maize husks.
Play Groups - £15 will provide toys for a centre.
Pottery - £15 will provide clay for a centre for six months (rainy season).
Feeding - £20 will feed about 50 children with maize for two week.
Clothing - £25 will provide 10 children with school uniform shirts.
Sanitation - £30 will provide about 400 children with soap for one month.
School Fees - £30 will provide four children with secondary school fees for a term.
Knitting - £50 will provide a centre with knitting materials for one month.
Carpentry - £100 will provide tools for a centre for three months.
Tailoring - £120 will provide sewing materials for 12 children to complete a six-week course.

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The Patient can be as knowledgeable as the expert, but is uniquely placed to have a holistic view of their condition

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