To become a European1 organisation of positive people which will advocate and campaign for our human and civil rights, offer peer support, challenge misinformation and prejudice, while galvanising the diverse, affected communities into action, ensuring access to effective treatments, services and promoting healthy living.

1 Defined in this instance to include the member states of the EU, applicant states and Eastern Europe.


Our ethos is one of self-help. We believe that people living with and/or affected by HIV, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis should be central to the relevant debates about health and social policy. People have the right to information, backup and role models, and can then deal effectively with the world on their own or with each other's support.

The organisation must be run by, controlled by and represented by a majority of positive people. All member organisations must be as well.

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The Patient can be as knowledgeable as the expert, but is uniquely placed to have a holistic view of their condition

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